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the art of fighting dirty!
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ROUND 3: Who is Queen? (->… 

213 deviants said Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
149 deviants said Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage)

ROUND 3: Who is Queen? (->… 

162 deviants said Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
74 deviants said Sakura Shinguji (Sakura Wars / Sakura Taisen)

Which was your favorite OVERKILL from… 

122 deviants said Wooden Horse
117 deviants said Sexy Somersault
95 deviants said Piko Piko Hammer
60 deviants said Cherry Blossom Slice
46 deviants said Kikoushou

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Check out some of the artwork that makes reference to me, or was inspired by me in some way :thumbsup:

Tough Titty by NickyVendettaTrue Form Of Kasha by Kasha-Hanyou1Quick hide your privates by Candyfox24
Bayonetta by KingAkatsuki13Need Help Out of That? by NickyVendettaHow I Met Your WHAT?? by GarJes
Street Fighter's Shoe Budget by ThunderWolfang Sonik Kombat: Amy vs SallySonik Kombat: Amy Rose vs Sally Akorn!
Two women stand on opposite ends of an old stone bridge lit only by the faint glimmer of the Moon and the stars. There are no guard rails to save them from falling, and a perilous pit of spikes awaits them below.
On the left is Princess Sally Acorn, a brown-furred squirrel/chipmunk hybrid wearing nothing but blue boots and a blue vest (anything more would be uncomfortable over her thick fur). The hair on her head is longer and redder than the rest, and the fur on her face and running from her chest down the front of her body is a lighter brown. She stares smugly at her rival and declares, "There's only room for one alpha female in the Sonic universe!"
On the right is Amy Rose, a pink-furred hedgehog girl wearing red boots, a short red dress, and white gloves with golden bracelets. The quills on her head are pulled down instead of sticking out, and the quills on her back are completely flattened down, somewhat reducing her hedgehog-
Super Wedgie Train II TurboSuper Wedgie Train II Turbo: Wedgie Remix: The Musical in 3D*
The young heroine Sailor Moon stands victoriously atop a train traveling through a desert, her long, golden pigtails waving in the wind. "It was tough without the other Sailor Scouts, but I managed to save this train all by myself!" she announces to no one in particular.
"You idiot, I was gonna save this train!" shouts Akabon, a red bombergirl with a huge, magical marble on the front of her belt and a yellow ribbon on her head. In a fit of jealousy, she reaches under Sailor Moon's skirt and leaps up with her underwear in hand. The lunar soldier doubles over in midair, dangling by her white panties, and Akabon makes a victory sign with her free hand. "But if I take care of you, that's almost like I did it, right?"
"Hold it!" demands Chun-Li, the world-renowned detective and fighter with a distinctive blue outfit and the most muscular legs known to man. She grabs Akabon by her underwear and holds her in the air; Akabon

Mountain Goat likes to Watch by FoxysammieSally vs. Amy by WaimbertThere's only room... by R-no71
For DHIM by headshotgunny How FortunateHow Fortunate
"Sonic! Tails! Wait up!" a young, pink hedgehog calls over the sound of crunching leaves as she chases after her friends down a serene forest path. In her haste, she slips on a bit of freshly fallen foliage and slides headfirst through the dirt, skidding to a stop just behind a certain blue hedgehog and a certain two-tailed fox.
"Amy? Hey, are you OK?" Sonic asks as he turns around and extends his hand to help Amy up. "What are you doing all the way out here?"
Amy jumps up and before Sonic can object, she practically tackles him and pulls him into a nigh inescapable embrace. "I'm here for you, silly!" she explains. "I can't stand having a long distance relationship!"
Sonic pushes Amy away and struggles to wriggle free, but she only holds him tighter. "For the last time, we're not in a relationship!" Sonic shouts, and then he curls into a spiky ball and jumps away, forcing Amy to let go and almost knocking her over. "If that's all you wanted, you should just go home
Sucks to Be A Namco Female by NickyVendetta
Brother-Sister Tag Team by JyuudaiSECRET MISSION p09 by KoryuSakuradaTeam Platinum Hook by Countess-Noir
The Seung Mina Experiment 14 by cbtdaddyHow it really happened. Preview by TDnAhide your cooch by AoiSora19S
it always hurts ... by tehsilentguyNuts vs guts X Hetalia 2 by PopipoXpockyThiefComic with surprise guest by Shadowfiance2
I am not a boy by MarvsamuneLet's All Get Along~ by GarJes

In honor of PCFS:
PCFS in a Nutshell by NickyVendetta


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United States
lady lumps VS boy bumps - Battle of the Sexes

Lucy and Williams take turns whacking each other in the delicate parts to finally answer that age old question:

Which hurts more: a shot to the boy bumps or a shot to the lady lumps?

Gender pride is on the line!

Dedicated to people who can enjoy weird interests like this as FANTASY, while still being respectful to your fellow man and woman in REALITY (yes it is possible).

In other words, don't take this stuff seriously at all! Be nice to each other in real life.

And, enjoy!

my lumpsVSbumps VIDEO CHANNELS:…

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PhoenixEclipseX9 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Mr. dhim,

I loved all of your videos and have subscribed to your youtube channel. Will you be making more videos like the Mountain goat videos and all that? I'd love to see them.
Elizabeth-Rose123 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Easter!
Mind doing a video about a Hermaphrodite getting hit between the legs.... trust me when I say this... it hurts WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more if you have both sets of 'plumbing' downstairs.. and no I'm not kidding it REALLY does.

I'm a hermaphrodite IRL and believe me... I can pass out from the sheer pain of getting whacked between the legs. AND YES... I am female... kinda hard to label yourself as male if your have all natural 36DD's and a skinny waistline.... though I'm not fully female as I do have nuts, 'sausage' and a cooch.
Mr. dhim? Where's the results for Round 2? Link it to me.
There is no video yet.
Because I didn't make one yet.  Because I only have 2 hands.
(2 Replies)
Please respond if you get this message.
AwesomePrussia2345 Apr 16, 2014  Student General Artist
i have an idea
why won't you try to use Asura from Asura's Wrath
let me show you what he looks like.……
i can also show you some Lost Episodes that contains references from street fighter 4……
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